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As an island, Sri Lanka has a very high climate volatility risk. The country needs a strong climate risk mitigation strategy in implementing climate-resilient infrastructure planning and development to manage potential climate disasters. We believe from water salinity to underground aquifers; these will all be among the critical issues going forward. In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, Arinma Holdings continues to provide a better future for our children by championing projects and initiatives across sectors, envisioning to be the leader in water stewardship in Sri Lanka with a key focus on climate risk mitigation and environmental engineering

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Water and wastewater management

Arinma assesses water supply demands, water supply options and water quality. Increasing urbanization comes with problems related to water supply ...

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Power and renewable energy

Developing efficient, cost-effective management plans Industrialization is driven by energy, and at Arinma Holdings, we have spent decades developing crucial ...

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Keeping abreast of innovations in methods of smart farming Every year the world keeps adding more people and yet we ...

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Technology/ IoT

Harnessing the power of digital technologies, AI, Machine Learning (ML) to IoT analytics we deliver innovative solutions that are convenient ...

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Transport solutions that best suit your journey Maintaining a land transport system at minimum operational cost and providing an efficient ...

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Working towards healthier lives Better healthcare is a universal need that must not be denied to anyone. People want to ...

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Ports and aviation

Facilitating transport and connectivityAs economies continue to grow, so does the need to move goods across the oceans. Emerging economies ...

Financing - Arinma Holdings -

Vision-oriented, opportunity and growth focussed, and intuitive Money is the lifeblood of a business and finance is the nerve centre. ...

heavy equipment
Heavy machinery

Global Construction Spending to reach US$12 trillion by 2020. Countries across Asia and Africa are investing in their infrastructure so ...

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Roads & Highways

Accelerating growth by connecting economies Roads and Highways are the backbones of every economy as they connect almost any location ...