Harnessing the power of digital technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) to IoT analytics we deliver innovative and convenient solutions and integrates seamlessly to empower a future-ready Sri Lanka. From digital customer experiences to mobile workforce management, we partner with global powerhouses to bring the best in technology to Sri Lanka, meeting the demands and needs to fulfil the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, with a focus on the water, energy and health sectors.


HANS Premium Water

Hans® Premium Water is one of the world’s best technology available for water purification. Designed under the WHO guidelines for portable water, it removes up to 99.9% of contaminants in water by incorporating a 4-stage filtering system. Its mineralization process ensures pH balanced water with the right mineral water content with better taste. Furthermore, it provides an output 11,300L per day within an average of a 10-12hr operation. The Hans® Premium Water contains a self-cleaning technology and is a compact, plug and play water purification system with a cost per litre as low as LKR 0.75. Moreover, a user can conveniently monitor the quality and status of the water through its bespoke Hans® Premium Water mobile app.

SOURCE Hydro panels

SOURCE™ Hydropanels is the world’s first renewable drinking water system and is a sustainable water technology that harnesses solar power to extract endless volumes of clean and safe drinking water from air, developed entirely off-grid without an external source of water or power. The pure water generated is mineralized with magnesium and calcium to achieve the ideal taste profile and correct pH value for drinking. SOURCE™ Hydropanels optimizes and monitors the quality of the water through a sensor technology and is able to generate an output of 2-5L per day, making it cost effective in comparison to packaged mineral water.