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Working towards healthier lives

Better healthcare is a universal need that must not be denied to anyone. People want to stay healthy and live longer where ever and whomever they are. Medical devices are a key part of improving health services and count for a substantial proportion of public health expenditure in both developed and developing countries.

Emerging markets have some of the fastest growing healthcare sectors and are a key source of demand for global medical equipment. Health care challenges like an ageing population mean that current health care services need to change and alter their methods, and medical devices will play an important part here as well.

We at Arinma Holdings have long standing relationships with globally renowned suppliers and will continue to believe that improving healthcare services is a crucial part of improving people’s lives everywhere.

Consultancy and Advisory

  • Modernisation of Hospitals
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Medical Monitors
  • Upgrading Healthcare Facilities


  • Build hospitals and medical facilities


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