Clean and Healthy Environment

A climate resilient, future-ready tomorrow
As a brand that cares for people, planet and natural resources, we make a conscious effort to ensure that we never compromise on our core values, in the quest to achieve our goals. We embrace sustainable work practices and invest our energy in a manner that mother nature thrives, as we commit ourselves to our infrastructure development projects

Environmental Management Sustainability Policy

At Arinma Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, we believe that a CLEAN AND HEALTHY environment is paramount to the sustainable development of a country’s economy. We strive to continually improve ou green footprint throughout all our operations,including the development of local and global partnerships for project identification, design and development of proposals and advocacy of climate-smart infrastructure projects.

Our team is committed to:

  • advocate and contribute towards minimizing the impact on global environmental issues
  • prevent pollution, reduce waste and reduce consumption of depleting natural resources
  • identify and comply with all relevant local and global environmental legislation
  • consistently identify and mitigate aspects that result in significant environmental impacts of our business
  • train and support all our employees, suppliers and contractors to advocate environmental awareness
  • establish and operate a globally recognized environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2015
  • select lifecycle environmentally friendly options in our CAP-EX and OP-EX procurement processes
  • consider matters relating to environmental protection at the foundation of all our business strategies and initiatives
  • conduct rigorous audits and self-assessments on conformance to this policy, measure progress of our environmental
    efforts and report periodically to the management

This policy will be communicated to all interested parties and will be available to the public through selected media


Date: 24 July 2020

Mangrove Conservation Project – Kalpitiya

A total area of 4 hectares of mangroves has been replanted with a community impact of over 85,000 people, in the area of Anaiwasala in the Kalpitiya Divisional Secretariat and the Anaiwasala Grama Niladhari Division, as part of the company's commitment and support to community mobilization and lagoon restoration. This project was implemented by Green Movement Sri Lanka (GMSL) and as of recent is being monitored by the University of Ruhuna.

The selected Kalpitiya area along the Puttalam lagoon is one of the most extensive mangrove systems in Sri Lanka. Arinma Holdings provided the funding to implement the project and, by extension, played a pivotal role in rehabilitating the surrounding ecosystem of the Anaiwasala area. By supporting the local community, the initiative facilitated long-term opportunities for employment as well as educated the communities in carrying out activities that are environmentally friendly. It is envisioned that the second phase of this project will encompass a further  350 hectares of blue carbon ecosystem restoration island-wide.

A total of 3000 mangrove plants will be replanted in the area of Anaiwasala in the Kalpitiya divisional secretariat and the Anaiwasala grama niladhari area, as part of Arinma Holding’s commitment and support to “upscale livelihoods and biodiversity through community mobilisation and lagoon restoration in the Anaiwasala area in Kalpitiya” project implemented by Green Movement Sri Lanka (GMSL).

The selected Kalpitiya area along the Puttalam lagoon is one of the most extensive mangrove systems in Sri Lanka. Moreover, this area is also one of the most affected by human interventions caused through the exploitation of mangroves for commercial, industrial, and housing needs predominantly due to the lack of knowledge on the ecological role of mangroves amongst rural communities.

Arinma Holdings will provide funding to implement the project and, by extension, play a part in rehabilitating the ecosystem of this area. By supporting the local community, the initiative will facilitate long-term opportunities for employment as well as education of the communities on how to carry out activities in an environmentally sensitive manner. Furthermore, Arinma Holdings will monitor the progress of the project and support GMSL to build strong partnerships with the local community by creating awareness amongst selected schools, five identified youth groups, and 20 fishing groups in the Anaiwasala area.