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Moshe Kamar

“Great team, very credible and professional, can count on them, really enjoy working with them”

By Arinma Holdings 3 years ago

Ms. Sophia Nan

“Arinma Holdings is a reliable and powerful cooperation partner, a platform for talents, a cradle for dreams! I hope can continue to work with Arinma Holdings in future and we can make our value and contribution for building a more beautiful Sri Lanka and develop a better society! Arinma Holdings, our five-star home!”

By Arinma Holdings 3 years ago

Edgar Ramani

“Arinmas Holdings has been a great partner to work with. They have a credible and reliable team, and we continue to rely on their knowledge and expertise to help grow our business in Sri Lanka. They have been very professional from the start, and was instrumental with their insights on the local environment. We wish

By Arinma Holdings 3 years ago

Mr. Juergen Tarmann

“ARINMA Holdings dedicated itself to serve the nation of Sri Lanka by establishing and maintaining economic relations with first class international Investors and Donors. Thanks to these reliable and long lasting partnerships, the commercial success arrived and, consequently, has helped the economic development of the country to improve. ARINMA Holdings and its affiliates can rely

By Arinma Holdings 6 years ago

Mr. Zhao Liang

“Absolute sincerity and superior Service never ends!”

By Arinma Holdings 6 years ago

Mr. Huug Eijkelkamp

“Arinma has proven to be a reliable partner which enabled Eijkelkamp to provide a competitive yet viable project proposal. Arinma also used their expertise to structure the transaction and found the appropriate financing partner for the project, which resulted in a successful award of the project.”

By Arinma Holdings 6 years ago