Two subsidiaries of Arinma Holdings participate at the 2019 IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition
2019, Press release

Water is an integral part of life. The amount of fresh, clean drinking water available on earth is limited and its quality for consumption is constantly being questioned. Thus, water is one of the most critical issues facing the world today. Developing, emerging economies such as Sri Lanka, are confronted with some of the biggest water challenges. Despite possessing rich water resources, Sri Lanka is confronted with critical issues facing the water safety of our nation.  The country faces threats induced by recurring climate change related events and emerging environmental health issues.

Sri Lanka is one of the many developing countries around the world that focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs,) with respect to providing safe drinking water and sanitation. However, challenges remain in sourcing financial, social and organizational development policies that fit the country’s political and economic context. The water sector is at the crossroads of the human, political and economic development.

As a socially conscious, nature sensitive organization, Arinma Holding’s vision is to continuously innovate to offer infrastructure solutions which provide sustainable water solutions for Sri Lanka and emerging Asia. Ceywater Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, the design engineering arm of Arinma Holdings and Squire Mech Engineering, the design construction arm of Arinma Holdings participated at the IWA water and development congress and exhibition conducted in Sri Lanka from the 1st-5th of December at the BMICH.

Co-organized with the Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply and the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, the event brought together over 3,500 water professionals, including a global audience of practitioners, utility managers, academia, government officials, consultants, and media. The congress was organized in an effort to partner with some of the water sector’s leading companies and organizations to discuss sustainable water solutions covering the areas of drinking water treatment and supply, fecal sludge and waste water treatment for resource recovery, city water and fecal sludge utility management and services, integrated water resource management and efforts towards the SDG Goal 6.



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