Arinma Holdings and Green Movement Sri Lanka spearhead mangrove conservation project in Kalpitiya
2020, Press release

A total of 3000 mangrove plants will be replanted in the area of Anaiwasala in the Kalpitiya divisional secretariat and the Anaiwasala grama niladhari area, as part of Arinma Holding’s commitment and support to “upscale livelihoods and biodiversity through community mobilisation and lagoon restoration in the Anaiwasala area in Kalpitiya” project implemented by Green Movement Sri Lanka (GMSL). This project is an outcome of the memorandum of understanding between Arinma Holdings and GMSL, consistent with the company’s sustainability strategy and commitment to prevent pollution, reduce waste, and consumption of depleting natural resources.

The selected Kalpitiya area along the Puttalam lagoon is one of the most extensive mangrove systems in Sri Lanka. Moreover, this area is also one of the most affected by human interventions caused through the exploitation of mangroves for commercial, industrial, and housing needs predominantly due to the lack of knowledge on the ecological role of mangroves amongst rural communities.

Arinma Holdings will provide funding to implement the project and, by extension, play a part in rehabilitating the ecosystem of this area. By supporting the local community, the initiative will facilitate long-term opportunities for employment as well as education of the communities on how to carry out activities in an environmentally sensitive manner.  Furthermore, Arinma Holdings will monitor the progress of the project and support GMSL to build strong partnerships with the local community by creating awareness amongst selected schools, five identified youth groups, and 20 fishing groups in the Anaiwasala area.

“There is a gross lack of awareness amongst the public about the economic and ecological importance of mangroves. They facilitate a healthy habitat for a variety of flora and fauna, nursery and breeding ground for birds and fish, provides protection from tsunamis, and prevents soil erosion. Most significantly, the carbon sequestration ability of mangroves makes an immense contribution towards the sustainability of our planet, enhances livelihoods, carbon sinks, and mitigates the impact on climate change and disaster management. We believe the community-based approach to mangrove forestation is the most widely used and most effective. This project is the first of a series of sustainability-related projects we plan to execute across the island in collaboration with GMSL.” Said Mr. Harsha Mapagunaratne, Sustainability Lead of Arinma Holdings.

Incorporated in 2007, GMSL is an organisation concerned with environmental conservation, awareness creation and sustainable development, comprised of a consortium of 153 non-governmental, community-based organisations and other group members across the island. GSML is a part of various international networks, including the Asia Pacific Research Network, the Reality of Aid Network, and the Asia Pacific Network for Food Sovereignty. GMSL envisions the achievement of natural resource-based sustainable development through the empowerment of the poorest sections of the population and conservation of the environment, through activities aimed at developing vibrant and sustainable communities across the island.

Incorporated in 2008, the Arinma Holdings group is a climate-resilient infrastructure development conglomerate. Arinma addresses critical environmental, social, and economic imperatives through cutting edge, human-centric infrastructure that meets community aspirations of prosperity, social justice, and sustainability.



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