Roads and Highways are the backbone of every economy as they connect almost any location and guarantee cost-efficient delivery of goods. A well-built highway network is the base of any developed economy and constitutes the heart of the supply chain. Roads are the fundamental link between producers and their markets and a dense road network guarantees better accessibility to customers. This sector is one of the most important, diverse and dynamic sectors in the global economy employing a large part of the global workforce.

We specialise in helping our business partners to identify, develop & execute major road development projects. The development of Roads & Highways is a national priority for emerging & expanding economies and is significant for ensuring sustained economic growth.

Consultancy and Advisory in:


Feasibility Studies Development Strategies
Needs Assessment Major and Minor Highway Design
Potential Conflict Assessment Reinforced and Concrete Bridge Design
Assessing Alternatives Planning and Construction Supervision
Environmental Impact Assessments Project Management




Urban Roads

Rural Roads