Arinma assesses water supply demands, options and water quality

Increasing urbanization comes with problems related to water supply and sanitation. Solving these problems are a pre-requisite for achieving the desired levels of global economic success. Resolving water-related challenges requires that the costs for improved water supply and sanitation and water resource management be seen as a priority among public and private sector investments. The availability of a sustainable and efficient water supply and sanitation service, especially in townships, is vital to keep up with the rapid pace of development we are seeing in emerging economies.

Revenues of the world’s water-related businesses are estimated to rise to nearly US$1 trillion by 2020. However, increasing demand is also expected to cause global water shortages, which in turn will drive the need for innovative water technologies and efficiency systems. Arinma works with public and private sector industries to assess water supply demands, water supply options and water quality. We strive to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions that balance environmental, social and economic water supply needs.

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